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An AI driven coaching support tool managing a complex startup environment.

We support accelerator programs, coaches and founders with a holistic coaching tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of their startups.


Problem – Analyzing your Startup to enable a holistic coaching:

Sustainable startups are key actors for future innovations and sustainable market transformations. To leverage their success, coaching is one of the most relevant key success factors. As each startup is a unique system embedded in a highly dynamic context, success or failure depend on complex internal and external factors. To understand the dependencies and relationships of such factors, coaches and accelerator programs as well as founders themselves are in need of a scientific evaluation tool that is able to analyze weaknesses and strengths of such startups embedded in their ecosystem context.


Application – Startup and context analysis by means of graph database modeling:

Expedition startup offers a coaching tool that visualizes your startup and its relational factors embedded in its ecosystem by asking you to fill-in a short survey of your status-quo. A peer group comparison is offered to your coaches and mentors.


Solution – Development of a holistic evaluation tool for sustainable startups and accelerator programs to manage startup ecosystems

Every startup is uniquely structured and dependent on external as well as internal factors that are holicitally embedded in a highly dynamic context. Our AI driven coaching tool visualizes and understands startups’ relational dependencies and is able to identify its weak spots and strengths. As a basis for a successful coaching, we evaluate the startups’ status-quo.

Our Solution

Expedition Startup makes use of graph database modeling to capture and visualize a startup’s status-quo in the ecosystem in which it is embedded in. Via graph datebase modeling we are able to understand interdependencies and relational factors as well as a peer-group comparison.

  • We identify success factors and weak points as a guidance for coaching lessons.
  • For the purpose of a peer group comparison, we build startup clusters via context-mining to understand success factors in a relative manner.

“Hortiya was able to improve their targeting strategy towards potential investors by means of Expedition Startup. Working together with Wolfgang and Nele has led to a long term and sustainable partnership which has resulted in the embeddedness of Hortiya in a startup ecosystem.”



To get a first impression on what we do with graph database modeling, have a look at our demo below:

Sorry, die Visualisierung ist nur auf dem Desktop und Tablet verfügbar.

Take part in our self-assessment survey to analyze your status-quo.

Unsere Use Cases


Various target groups may benefit from our solution:


Accelerator / Founding institution:
Management of your startup portfolio.

Being in collaboration with Expedition Startup, your institution is able to evaluate the startups you support in your program. You will not only be able to store and visualize the knowledge you have about your startups through graph database modeling but you may also learn how to guide coaching lessons and help your coaches and mentors to identify weaknesses and success factors to leverage your startups’ success in the long run.

As a startup founder you may assess your status-quo with our evaluation tool to anonymously identify weak spots in comparison to your peer group.

You gain insights about your own company you would have not thought to question before. Your results can be evaluated by an external coach to identify your weak spots in comparison to your peer group. Our analysis may also serve as a showcase for third parties. As a member of Expedition Startup you will be able to store your data on our platform and develop your analysis further in the long run.

Get a matching startup portfolio.

As an investor, you are offered a portfolio of sustainable startups that matches your demands.

Design your coaching and evaluation with our tool.

As a startup coach or mentor you can leverage your coaching lessons with towards an efficient and standardized manner.


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